The Plenty Diet


Dabbing the grease from a slice of pizza can remove up to fifteen percent of cals.
Plenty are going to take advantage of this, by releasing the hottest diet book of the year. 


You can eat the same amounts of the same foods, and still cut calories. It’s a win win.

Le Eau de Innocence by Febreze


Febreze covers up bad smells at home, but if you happen to commit on olfactory faux pa when you’re out and about, it’s a dead giveaway. 

To help cover your smelly tracks on the go, Febreze will release its own parfum so you can discreetly clear the air, saving you face and everyone else their noses.


Urban Outfitters: Vintage without the smell.

Doc Martens: Height without the heels.

Warburtons: Makes a snack into a meal.

Nivea Suncream: Le Eau De Holiday

Alfa Romeo: The most beautiful things are always high maintenance.

Joop Cologne: Make-Up for blind people.

Bran Flakes: Regularity is the key to success.

Financial Times: FT readers don’t want you reading the FT.

Butterkist: Your own SFX.

B&Q: The quickest way up the property ladder.

B&Q: Because you need that security deposit back.

Selfridges: If you can’t afford the clothes, come for the food.

Santander Bikes: Decaffeinate your commute

JD Sports: Travel comfortably.

Just for Men grey hair dye: Instant experience.

Aviva Pensions: Don’t have a pension? That’s Elder abuse.

Pukka Tea: The best thing since water.