Fonts for Thought


Patxi created a website that sells fonts he created from hand-written protest signs. 

All the proceeds go directly to the causes that inspired the signs. (Launching soon!)

Check it out:



It was a struggle to get agencies to reply to emails during the pandemic, so Tom created our own crypto-currency to entice them to look at our book.


Find out more about it here:

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Urban Outfitters: Vintage without the smell.

Doc Martens: Height without the heels.

Warburtons: Makes a snack into a meal.

Nivea Suncream: Le Eau De Holiday

Alfa Romeo: The most beautiful things are always high maintenance.

Joop Cologne: Make-Up for blind people.

Bran Flakes: Regularity is the key to success.

Financial Times: FT readers don’t want you reading the FT.

Butterkist: Your own SFX.

B&Q: The quickest way up the property ladder.

B&Q: Because you need that security deposit back.

Selfridges: If you can’t afford the clothes, come for the food.

Santander Bikes: Decaffeinate your commute

JD Sports: Travel comfortably.

Just for Men grey hair dye: Instant experience.

Aviva Pensions: Don’t have a pension? That’s Elder abuse.

Pukka Tea: The best thing since water.